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Sample of Materials
As european metal traders we deal in non-ferrous export and aluminium proccessing throughout the UK and Europe.
List of materials we buy and sell as scrap metal merchants.
Copper Skimmings Copper Grindings Copper Cuttings Aluminium Dross Aluminium Skimmings
Copper Anodes Brass Grindings Brass Swarf Zinc Sheeting Zinc Cuttings
Brass Slag Aluminium Lumps Copper Laminate Copper Dross Aluminium Scrap
Brass Scrap, Brass Wire, Brass Cuttings Brass Anodes Aluminium Swarf
Aluminium Grindings Copper Ingots Copper Granules Copper Shredder Aluminium Wire
Aluminium Anodes Zinc Skimmings Zinc Ash Zinc Lumps Copper Scale
Zinc Scrap Zinc Top Dross Zinc Bottom Dross Zinc Hard Spelter Zinc Alloy Turnings
Zinc Grindings Zinc Anodes Furnace Residues Titanium Turnings Zinc Ingots
Magnesium Scrap Tungsten Grindings Tungsten Solids Aluminium Cuttings Aluminium Granules
Tungsten Sludge Zinc Sludge Copper Sludge Copper Tubes Aluminium Tubes
Brass Tubes Condenser Tubes Lead Scrap Lead Residues Lead Batteries
Lead Ingots Copper Wire Brass Ingots Aluminium Ingots Copper Swarf
Aluminium Section Aluminium Profiles Spent Catalysts


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